Maybe It’s Maybelline, Maybe It’s Photoshop

This commercial isn’t real and neither are society’s standards of beauty.

I’ve known plenty of girls throughout my life who have had low self-esteem because of the way they look. The beauty industry has been telling them since they were born that they aren’t pretty enough. They are constantly bombarded by photography of women that are more beautiful, more flawless, and less fat. The industry has used digital manipulation to make their models achieve an impossible perfection. Women are held to a standard of beauty that is literally unobtainable. Models and celebrities are also starving their bodies to drop dress sizes to the point of it being a health risk.


Somebody get those ladies a cheeseburger!

Top 3 Problems with the Beauty Industry:

  1. Beauty products show unrealistic and unobtainable results.
  2. Models are so skinny that a regular person who is in shape is considered a plus size!
  3. Women and girls are bombarded by “you don’t look this good” advertising.
The average girl gets 180 minutes of media exposure every day. All of the advertisements from the beauty industry tell her that she is too fat, has complexion problems, and don’t even make me mention what they say about her hair. She is a victim of their advertising. Even though she buys all of their products she can never seem to look as the girl in the commercial. She plummets into a depression and leaves her self-esteem in the mirror on the bathroom sink. She tells herself “No matter how hard I try, I will never be beautiful.”
The Industry however gets what they want. They get her dollar. Even though the young girl is depressed she will pour thousands of dollars into makeup, hair products, and possibly elective surgeries throughout her life. Something has to be done to protect young girls and women from failing into this self-destructive trap. There is a place for makeup and hairspray. That place is where cosmetics help to enhance individuality and self-worth. Makeup was not meant to be running down the face of a distraught thirteen year old girl in the corner.

Some sites to help girls with self-esteem issues concerning beauty

Click here to sign the petition to pass the Media and Public Health Act

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