Decorative Traditions

In 2007 my mother moved to a new house with lake front property. The house was around thirty years old and desperately needed renovation. Over the next five years rooms were stripped down to the bones, or studs, and built anew. As we moved walls, raised floors, and wired sockets, we had the vision of making this house our own. Our last name is Fisher and we wanted to make that well known that this was our work.

Fish themed salt and pepper shakers.

Over the past two years we collected various fish and aquatic decorations to adorn the walls and shelves of our home. In 2010 I married my beautiful wife after which we started a home of our own. My mother had full intentions of continuing this fish themed tradition with her children and the generations to come. She obtained various aquatic themed kitchenware for my wife including our entire dish set. Since then we have carried on the tradition by expanding our assortment of marine life through out our home.

We expanded our fish theme by implementing other aquatic life.

A tradition is something that gets passed from generation to generation, but it has to start somewhere. Our family’s decorative tradition is still at the very beginning. Most people wouldn’t even consider it a tradition at this stage, and neither did I until the other day my mother brought home a large bag of fish related nursery decorations for our first child who hasn’t even been conceived yet.

I hope this tradition of aquatic decorating lives on through our family line. It is a fun and lively way for our family to express our individuality and family pride.

Can you have decorations in your own home that relate to your family’s name?  Reply in the comments below…if you are having trouble see if your last name means something in a different language.
My family loves to make desserts. Whenever the women of the family get together you always know that something delightful will pop out of the oven. For a family gathering you can make cookies that ressemble your family name. I will show you how to make sugar cookies, fish shaped ones in this case.

How to Make Fish Cookies!

Step 1

Set the oven to 375 degrees.

Step 2

Dump contents of dry sugar cookie mix into mixer.

Step 3

Add one egg.

Step 4

Add 2 tablespoons of milk.

Step 5

…and one stick of butter (4 ounces).

Step 6

Mix it all up!

Step 7

Spread flour onto parchment paper.

Step 8

Flatten cookie batter onto parchment paper.

Step 9

Choose your fish cookie cutter.

Step 10

Cut out the cookies.

Step 11

Place on baking sheet. (line baking sheet with parchment paper for day removal).

Step 12

Bake for 10 minutes and let cool.

Final Step!








One response to “Decorative Traditions

  • Amber

    I really like the family tradition thing you’ve got going. It seems like it’s pretty awesome to have. Love the cookies too 🙂

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